Flexibility: How to Encourage Balance while Working from Home

In a recent poll on our LinkedIn page of over 1,000 people on working from home just 15% of people stated they preferred an office environment over working from home. Most of us who are still working have been working remotely for over 3 months. A situation none of us could have predicted. For some, […]...Read More >

How to Prevent Burnout when Working from Home

Davina Ramkissoon, psychology specialist and Wellness Director at Zevo, offers her advice for employers and employees on how to av ... READ MORE >

Preparing your Business for the Future: Advice from 3 Business Leaders

How will the business world be post COVID-19? How can we ensure our people are prepared and remain engaged in a post-pandemic worl ... READ MORE >

Managing a Large Team Remotely: The Highs and Lows of Staying Connected and Motivated

I’ve been with Cpl 24 years this summer; every day has been an incredible learning opportunity and an interesting challenge – ther ... READ MORE >

What is Neurodiversity and How does it Benefit Business

Many organisations understand that diversity is crucial for organisation success and as a result Diversity and Inclusion continues ... READ MORE >

Responding to COVID-19 with Resilience: Advice from Business Leaders

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all of us. For some sectors the impacts have been huge, for others, that can adapt to remote ... READ MORE >

Staying positive during the COVID-19 pandemic: 3 silver linings

When I find myself thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic, my mind wanders far and wide. Now, almost 2 months into working from home ... READ MORE >

Famelab & the Importance of Effective Communication in Science

I was honoured to be asked on the judging panel for Famelab 2020 competition.  I share a deep passion for effective science commun ... READ MORE >

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