Managing Employees with Dyslexia: Advice from a Dyslexic Employee

An average of 10% of the Irish population has dyslexia so it’s likely your business currently employs or will employ, someone with this learning difficulty. People with dyslexia often have average or above-average intelligence with excellent creative thinking skills. This allows them to see a variety of solutions to a problem. However, many companies are […]...Read More >

A professional’s guide to managing employees with mental health issues

One in four people will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives and over 450 million individuals have mental ... READ MORE >

3 things you need to implement a diversity and inclusion strategy

As workforce demographics shift and global markets emerge, workplace diversity is becoming a business necessity rather than a PR g ... READ MORE >

Why you need to be aware of age bias at work

Last time unemployment was at this low it was October 2005. As a result, both the private and public sectors are struggling to att ... READ MORE >

Why you need to record employees’ breaks & working hours

Last month, May 2019, the European Court of Justice (the CJEU) announced a new judgement that will impact employers in Ireland and ... READ MORE >

Good Leaders Create a Culture of Wellness

Many businesses are implementing wellness programmes in the name of employee well-being and healthcare costs. Most include a range ... READ MORE >

Manager & leadership tips inspired by Eir CEO Carolan Lennon

Quite often we give career advice to those moving up the ranks. Those just entering a sector, or keen to upskill and move up a lev ... READ MORE >

Candidates not showing up to interviews? Here are 5 tips

As the Irish economy continues to be strong, unemployment rates are at the lowest it’s been in years. The Irish Business and Emplo ... READ MORE >

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