Diversity: Harnessing Creativity by Going Beyond Just Having It

I recently had the pleasure of attending an all Ireland Lego League event. An event charged full of youthful energy, collaboration and competition in equal measure, and above all spectacular levels of innovation (the practical realisation of creative ideas) and creative thinking. As Head of The Future of Work Institute with Cpl, I am acutely […]...Read More >

4 Signs of a Healthy Company Culture

Company culture defines the environment of your workplace. A healthy corporate culture is an important differentiator that benefit ... READ MORE >

Poppulo Q&A: Empowering a More Sustainable Workforce

The Green Awards 2020 recognise the most sustainable businesses in Ireland and how they are contributing to Ireland’s greener futu ... READ MORE >

Environmentally Friendly Corporate Events: Ryan’s Cleaning Q&A

The Green Awards 2020 acknowledge the most sustainable businesses in Ireland that are leading a greener future. As part of Cpl’s u ... READ MORE >

Achievable Environmentally Friendly Office Initiatives for 2020

With a new decade upon us if your business hasn’t developed a sustainability policy, now is the time. If you want to attract, reta ... READ MORE >

4 Tips for Managing People with Intellectual Disabilities

Over the past few years in Cpl, we’ve developed a close relationship with Trinity’s TCPID initiative and have two permanent employ ... READ MORE >

How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

“You achieve very little alone, so one of the most important jobs a leader has to do is to select their team and then commit to ea ... READ MORE >

Managing Employees with Dyslexia: Advice from a Dyslexic Employee

An average of 10% of the Irish population has dyslexia so it’s likely your business currently employs or will employ, someone with ... READ MORE >

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