6 Benefits That Attract Top Tech Talent

If you’re spending a lot of resources and time trying to attract the top Tech talent to your business, without the expected results, it may be time to review your employee benefits package. You might already be offering a competitive salary range, but if your workplace benefits aren’t aligned with what the current Tech talent are being provided elsewhere, then you’ll continue to lose out on qualified applicants to competitors....Read More >

How To Find A Tech Gem In A Competitive Market

Recruiting in the tech market these days in Ireland can be tricky because we all want the same talent. We need to do several thing ... READ MORE >

7 ways to improve your job descriptions & attract top talent

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Data-Driven Sourcing: How to Find the Best Cloud Developers

Less than 1% of software developers in Europe tend to have robust experience with cloud services development, and the pool becomes ... READ MORE >

How to boost Your Job Post’s SEO

Attracting top talent in today’s competitive job market is not an easy task. Writing a compelling job description is a good first ... READ MORE >

How a salary range can increase your chances of hiring

The question of whether or not to include salary ranges in job descriptions is one that sparks much debate. If you want to attract ... READ MORE >

Are you using gender biased job descriptions?

Research shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform those that are not. Unconscious bias in job descrip ... READ MORE >

Job Description Template

Download our template now and have a job description ready within minutes. ... READ MORE >

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