Listen, reflect, and pause

How many times have we made an assumption that has triggered further actions, only to realise that our starting point was incorrect? The problem we have today is that we are not getting time to think. We are inundated with messages, texts, tweets, and we spend our lives scrolling through our phones. There is no end to the news on our devices. The challenge, therefore, is that we give ourselves no time to pause, no time to think and no time to reflect....Read More >

Taking breaks in your career

Sounds good doesn’t it? Imagine deciding as opposed to being forced to take a 6 month break. Why, you ask? With such great improve ... READ MORE >

Empowering your employees

The future of work will mean embracing our human nature – employees want to connect, be social and feel empowered to make decision ... READ MORE >

How to measure recruitment company performance

A good recruitment agency should make a positive impact on your business. To know whether your recruitment agency is working for y ... READ MORE >

How to effectively measure your outsourcing success?

When it comes to outsourcing, a lot of time and effort is spent on building a business case and determining the savings, but what ... READ MORE >

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