B2B Sales Trends and the Future of Sales Post-COVID

A new normal is settling all around us, many aspects of our lives have changed considerably in the last six months and a large portion of these changes are here to stay for the foreseeable future. In our personal lives, it has meant a change to remote working, increases in online shopping and moves towards […]...Read More >

The Implications & Benefits of COVID for Law Firms

In the second of our series of audio interviews with Legal firms across Ireland, Ryan Murtagh, Head of Cpl Legal, speaks to JP McD ... READ MORE >

The Impact of COVID-19 & the Future of Financial Risk Management

The past few months have had a dramatic impact on hiring plans across the finance industry. Trend predictions from earlier in 2020 ... READ MORE >

How COVID has impacted the Legal sector: Leman Solicitors Interview

Like other sectors, Law firms and the legal sector have been hit by the COVID pandemic, with trials being disrupted and work relat ... READ MORE >

Designing the Destination Workplace: Lessons from Fan Clubs and Fairytale Parks

Think about places you really love to go to and spend time in. Chances are a cinema, your regular bar, shop or even your favourite ... READ MORE >

Women in STEM: Are we really under-represented?

I was speaking to my husband yesterday about the lack of female representation of my sport in a GIF. Silly, but still important in ... READ MORE >

Mixing Experiences & Mediums: Creativity lessons from Music

Part 5 from the 1000 Albums Creativity Mission.  In his 1973 tour, Alice Cooper, one of rocks first theatrical showmen, used props ... READ MORE >

Corporate Sustainability – How is your Business Impacting Society?

Moai, or moꞌai, are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island in eastern Polynesia between the years ... READ MORE >

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