Q3 2017 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q3 2017 Employment Monitor revealed that an overwhelming majority believe millennials expect more than previous generations. You can read the full report below, which includes employment market analysis from Ronan Lyons, Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and other findings, including: The job market remains stable, with the Finance sector continuing to […]...Read More >

Q4 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q4 2016 Employment Monitor wrapped up the year by collecting a number of interesting insights into the Irish employment mark ... READ MORE >

Q3 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q3 Employment Monitor provided some interesting insights into the Irish employment market, including the fact that 58% of re ... READ MORE >

Q2 2017 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q2 2017 Employment Monitor revealed that despite positive noise around UK jobs coming to Ireland post-Brexit, 66% of jobseek ... READ MORE >

Q2 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q2 Employment Monitor found that jobhunters keep changing jobs to upskill and get new experience.  Of those interviewed for ... READ MORE >

Q1 2017 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 2017 Employment Monitor found that the majority of employers believe Brexit will make Ireland more attractive to top glob ... READ MORE >

Q1 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 Employment Monitor found that a whopping third of Irish companies are ignoring their online reputations and not monitorin ... READ MORE >

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