75% of employers are planning to increase salaries in 2018

the boom is back, with 75% of employers planning to increase their peoples’ salaries over 2018! This finding is in line with an all-Ireland survey carried out in October 2017 by the Performance Reward Consulting, with an overall message indicating employers are fearful of losing talent to the highest salaries....Read More >

The Boom is back, but only in some areas

According to almost 70% of companies surveyed in our most recent Cpl Resources Employment Market Monitor (Q1 2018), the Boom is ba ... READ MORE >

Tech sector is the hub of FDI in Ireland [Infographic]

The most recent Cpl Resources Employment Market Monitor (Q1 2018) found that over ½ of Foreign Direct Investment is going to the t ... READ MORE >

Q1 2018 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 2018 Employment Monitor revealed that almost 70% of companies feel that the Boom is back, but only in the affluent parts ... READ MORE >

Top growth industries in 2018 in Ireland

Ireland has had a strong 2017. This year unemployment is expected to dip below 5.5%, and GDP forecast is set to grow by around 4%. ... READ MORE >

Salary Guide 2018 – Accounting & Finance

On the Industry Accountancy side, there has been considerable growth in the Financial Services, Telcos & Tech sectors which is ... READ MORE >

Salary Guide 2018

Our 2018 Salary Guide provides an overview of salaries across a range of roles and sectors within SME and LSE organisations, as we ... READ MORE >

Salary Guide 2018 – Engineering

We continue to adapt as the industry changes and work with Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Electronics, FMCG and Ge ... READ MORE >

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