The Cpl Q3 2018 Employment Monitor

The Cpl Employment Monitor is our quarterly report on the current state of the jobs market in Ireland across four sectors. Here is an overview of our findings....Read More >

The Gender Gap: Why is it happening and what can we do about it?

It makes good business sense to challenge the status quo and bring about gender equality in the workplace, and that's why we creat ... READ MORE >

How Budget 2019 will impact businesses

What does Budget 2019 mean for employers in Ireland? The overall outlook is that there have been modest improvements which will be ... READ MORE >

Financial Services: FDI focus in Ireland

The Financial Services sector in Ireland has grown immensely in recent years, largely thanks to the interest of international inve ... READ MORE >

Cpl release new Employment Monitor research findings

Cpl’s Q2 2018 Employment Monitor revealed that a surprising 57% of employees would still put a pay rise ahead of flexible working ... READ MORE >

Employment, wages and inflation trends in Ireland

In 2017 with the labour force growing by 1%, the unemployment rate declined to an average rate of 6.7%. 12 of the 14 sectors poste ... READ MORE >

The Pros & Cons of Having a Remote Team

Tech-savvy millennials and Generation Z (those born in 1995 or later) aspire to work in their dream jobs with a good work-life bal ... READ MORE >

Career Advice & Life Lessons: Anne Heraty Podcast

In Episode 14 of Take it From the Top, a podcast by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange, Cpl CEO Anne Heraty discusses what inspir ... READ MORE >

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