The Pros & Cons of Having a Remote Team

Remote working arrangements are on the rise and will become more common soon. Although they do bring some risks that businesses need to be aware of, it seems the benefits outweigh the disadvantages....Read More >

Career Advice & Life Lessons: Anne Heraty Podcast

In Episode 14 of Take it From the Top, a podcast by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange, Cpl CEO Anne Heraty discusses what inspir ... READ MORE >

The Brexit Effect

In Cork, we are experiencing high demand in specialist roles within technology, finance, life science, pharmaceutical and construc ... READ MORE >

75% of employers are planning to increase salaries in 2018

History has stated, with the highest salaries reaps the highest rewards with the best talent. According to our latest Cpl Employme ... READ MORE >

The Boom is back, but only in some areas

According to almost 70% of companies surveyed in our most recent Cpl Resources Employment Market Monitor (Q1 2018), the Boom is ba ... READ MORE >

Tech sector is the hub of FDI in Ireland [Infographic]

The most recent Cpl Resources Employment Market Monitor (Q1 2018) found that over ½ of Foreign Direct Investment is going to the t ... READ MORE >

Q1 2018 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 2018 Employment Monitor revealed that almost 70% of companies feel that the Boom is back, but only in the affluent parts ... READ MORE >

Top growth industries in 2018 in Ireland

Ireland has had a strong 2017. This year unemployment is expected to dip below 5.5%, and GDP forecast is set to grow by around 4%. ... READ MORE >

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