Q4 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q4 2016 Employment Monitor wrapped up the year by collecting a number of interesting insights into the Irish employment market, including the fact that two-thirds of employees would be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for the freedom to work from home....Read More >

Q3 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q3 Employment Monitor provided some interesting insights into the Irish employment market, including the fact that 58% of re ... READ MORE >

Q2 2017 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q2 2017 Employment Monitor revealed that despite positive noise around UK jobs coming to Ireland post-Brexit, 66% of jobseek ... READ MORE >

Q2 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q2 Employment Monitor found that jobhunters keep changing jobs to upskill and get new experience.  Of those interviewed for ... READ MORE >

Q1 2017 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 2017 Employment Monitor found that the majority of employers believe Brexit will make Ireland more attractive to top glob ... READ MORE >

Q1 2016 Employment Monitor

Cpl’s Q1 Employment Monitor found that a whopping third of Irish companies are ignoring their online reputations and not monitorin ... READ MORE >

The Future of Work

The world of work is changing at supersonic speed. Cpl Director Peter Cosgrove shares insights that could shape your future busine ... READ MORE >

Why Women Are Your Future

Transforming your brand, maximising revenue and increasing employee engagement through gender diversity. ... READ MORE >

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