Cpl Specialist Talent

Cpl Specialist Talent Limited is a subsidiary of Cpl Resources Plc

Cpl Specialist Talent Limited is a subsidiary of Cpl Resources Plc. We are a global provider of people; Cpl’s core goal is to power business growth through people.

We believe that there is an ideal Job for everyone, wherever you want to go in your career, we can help. The Cpl Group spans 11 countries and has 41 offices worldwide, helping businesses to find and attract the very best talent in every industry. Cpl Specialist Talent is an ‘ultra-specialised’ recruitment business focused on addressing candidate short niche markets in the UK technology staffing sector.

We deploy highly specialist recruiters into ‘microniches’ ensuring they become the absolute experts at the what they do and add value to client and candidates by providing reliable and truly well-informed advice on hiring decision and career choices.

Our main areas of focus are in addressing talent shortages in the following space across UK and Europe.

  • Change & Transformation
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security
  • BI, Data and Analytics
  • Digital and Development
  • Strategy and Architecture
  • AI, ML and Blockchain

Specifically, roles we’ll work on in the above areas would be UI/UX Developers & Designers, Business Intelligence Experts, Security/Cyber Security Experts, Cloud Architects and Integration Experts, Data Scientists, Mobile App Developers, Full Stack Web and Product developers.

Contact us today on 0044 (0)203 923 8877 or email specialisttalent@cpl.com to speak with a true expert in your field and have an open and transparent conversation on the best career options available to you in the market today.

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