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Build a business case for wellness and address health risks within your organisation.

Ireland’s workforce is now more diverse than ever before. Our employees are working longer, leaving employers with increased healthcare costs and absenteeism. Stress levels are also on the rise.

Poor mental and physical health in an organisation can lead to decreased engagement, productivity and output. To address these challenges, remain competitive and attract top talent businesses must think differently about employee health and engagement.

The Future of Work Institute, a Cpl company, offer Workplace Wellness Consultancy services to employers of all sizes to help them address health risks within their organisation, build a business case for wellness and measure its effectiveness.

Our-4 Step Approach

1. UNDERSTAND your business needs, culture and the challenges employees face when it comes to their health and well-being

2. DESIGN a bespoke wellness strategy and a framework of recommendations aligned to your business

3. DELIVER your wellness programme through our strategic partners

4. MEASURE the success of your programme and ROI on an ongoing basis providing feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement

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Meet our Wellness Consultant


Elysia Hegarty – Workplace Wellness Consultant

Elysia has over 14 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and Workplace Wellness. She partners with business leaders and employees to develop bespoke wellness models that promote a healthy workforce and help businesses attract and retain strong talent.

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