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Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Workforce planning is all about balance. A surplus or a shortage of talent in key areas could be extremely damaging to your businesses growth. Smart organisations follow a proactive, systematic, and fully integrated organisational process to avoid talent shortages or surpluses. This requires a clever balance of scenario planning, technology tools, advanced analytics and strategic insight.

Cpl can help you define a set of procedures for workforce planning to avoid or diminish people problems, take advantage of talent opportunities and improve the “talent pipeline.” Strategic workforce planning can encompass all the aspects of an organisation including; retention, recruitment, learning and development, and compensation and benefits. Taking an integrated approach enables you to determine which talent segments deliver high returns and therefore need higher investment.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Forecasting future talent needs
  • Forecasting knowledge drain as employees leave
  • Implementing an effective workforce analytics strategy
  • Determining and evaluating likely future sourcing options

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Benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning with Cpl

  • Access to our extensive knowledge base
  • Advice on the right business measures to adopt
  • A step towards managing your business reputation in the areas of training, recruitment and HR

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