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Keep your workforce flexible.

From maternity contracts, to peak seasonal requirements, to the vital technical or organisational skills required to bring a project to conclusion – temporary and interim contract staff are now a vital part of most workforces.

Temporary, contract, and short term staff offer vital flexibility for your business and allow you to; complete unique projects, fulfill increased demand, or cover unforeseen gaps without the need to invest in a full-time employee. In other words, you can keep your staffing costs down without restricting your business ambitions.

Cpl is one of the largest providers of temporary staff in Europe – around 10,000 temporary staff work for our clients every day. We have vast experience in providing flexible recruitment solutions, including high-volume contingency recruitment and seasonal ramp-ups. Our dedicated temporary and contract recruiters will work with you to identify the best short and long-term solution, each with the flexibility to increase or decrease your headcount around changing business needs.

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Why choose Cpl's Temporary Staffing services?

  • Our experience in delivering flexible solutions
  • Our consultants' provide specialist knowledge
  • We offer bespoke online support tools
  • Our access to critical strategic skills
  • We can scale our service up or down to fit your needs

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